My Style Inspiration

Over the years my style has developed, I’ve tried different editing, and many different ways of creating, now I’ve been able to identify my distinctive love for classic, creamy tones across imagery. The desire to make sure that the feeling across all content and photography makes you feel warm, tones of wholesomeness and capturing moments ‘you had to be there for.’

Moments that trigger nostalgic warm fuzzy feelings, the ones you get from your favourite old songs or rom-com you indulged in a thousand times over.

My two favourite film producers are a mixture of Nancy Meyers and Wes Anderson, both famous for the distinctive feelings they give to the work they create. From the beautiful, cosy home sets from Nancy Meyers Father of the Bride, to the incredible outdoor aesthetics in Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom.

In my home office, the same playlists are usually on repeat, these include Norah Jones, Lana Del Rey and some sort of coastal grandma playlist I’ve stumbled across on Apple Music. I’ll be sharing these in the upcoming months.

I am forever searching and collecting images, building boards and pinning things I love, see more of my style inspiration on my Pinterest boards here.

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