5 Slow living post lockdown tips

Slow living was one of the most positive trends to emerge from lockdown.

I feel like life in the countryside was made for slow living values. Although, slow living can be achieved anywhere embracing the simple moments to achieve peace and grounding.

Life outside of lockdown seems to be running at 100 miles per hour, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Here are my tips to maintaining somewhat of a slow living lifestyle amongst normal life.

Number one.

There is always time to walk in nature. A daily walk does more for you than you think. Good for your body, and good for your mind. Most of my goals or ideas come from walking rain or shine. As a dog owner, this is an essential part of my day, but dog or not, i’d continue to get the steps in.

Number two.

Controlling technology use! The hardest out of them all and the most important. We consume digital, ads, social media 24/7, so allow yourself to have a break. If you work in digital it’ll bring you back with fresh eyes and if you endlessly scroll for entertainment, for an hour an evening try to break that mould.

Number three.

Limit activities. In a lockdown, we were spoilt for time and the mundane things were the pinnacle of our day. Now our schedules have never been busier, we have over a year of catching up to do plus jobs, work and socialising. Saying no or delaying plans is very tricky, but overdoing it is worse. This is one I need to work on.

Number four.

Help plan your day, to make time for important things like food and loved ones. Whether it’s coffee or a big day out with friends, a planner can go a long way and writing things down means less surprises and ‘I forgot about that’ moments.

Number five.

Reestablish a new routine. I could type you need to start meditations and breathing exercises (which are all things I do recommend) but reestablishing your life outside of lockdown with your new values and figuring out what you enjoy the most gives you clear headspace. Remember things take a while to adjust so go easy on yourself.

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