Soft Spring Style

The luxurious, whisper soft touch of cashmere in Spring.

Gone are the days of a seasonal wardrobe. The focus now is on timeless, well-made, built to last and versatile items. Cashmere is cozy and comfortable, so this beautiful winter white scarf from G.H. Hurt & Son (pictured) works well on chilly days. As we transition into Spring the material is naturally breathable and flexes well to a milder climate.

It’s important to understand the stories behind the products we wear, the clothing we invest into and the brands we support.

G.H Hurt & Son is a Nottingham-based heritage brand that was first founded in 1912, working only with the finest cashmere. The story of their Jewel scarf (pictured) has been made with over 150 years of expertise, perfectly spun in a Scottish mill.

The luxurious fiber comes from a hardy breed of Scottish goat and in partnership with approved farmers, ensures sustainable herding and grazing practices, promoting high standards of animal welfare and work to protect this traditional way of life within nomadic communities.

Now for style. I’ve paired my Jewel Scarf alongside a series of Spring hues from Sage green spring dresses to cream layering for the slightly chiller British days.

*This is a paid advertisement with G.H Hurt & Son. I feel grateful to be able to share this ad with you, a brand I have adored for a long time.*

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