Building a Neutral Wardrobe

This summer I found that by building a neutral wardrobe I opted for a much simpler lifestyle. Here’s why.

  1. First, a neutral wardrobe creates fewer shopping choices. I feel less distracted by trends and pressures of fast fashion.

  2. Secondly, neutral wardrobes give fewer choices to create outfits with, thus reducing decision time and fatigue in the morning, especially for working women.

  3. A neutral wardrobe may also reflect a clean, free mind that appreciates less distractions in today’s world of omnipresent social media and constant sensory overload.

  4. Neutral doesn’t always mean just white, it’s beiges, tones, washed out denim, khaki and earthy tones.

    My biggest peeve is when someone says ‘wow you just love white’ to me I’m seeing a thousand shades of different neutral colours and variants to create one look.

  5. In my personal experience I have begun to focus more on quality.

    I started to notice my attention was drawn to the quality and questioning materials used. Where was this made? Who made this? Its cute, but is it the right shape for my body? Will it last season after season? Questions I asked myself anyway.

How I started to transition my wardrobe.

A closet purge.

Most people worry that their style will become stagnant and adopting a new style can seem quite daunting. I found this a gradual and easy process and a step closer to a sustainable goal.

Build your basics.

Try solid pieces, without logos, text, bling. Opt for clothing you can wear everyday. From a casual walk, shopping to coffee with the girls.

Mix in investment pieces.

A simple, statement piece. A timeless item you can wear season after season, a neutral shade goes with everything.

To be completely opaque with you, my summer wardrobe is pretty much fully neutral.

Wintertime can be much harder and finding appropriate workwear it’s easier to opt in for just black – maybe black just fits my mood better being a summertime soul.

I’m focusing on the transition over the next couple of years to work in more timeless, neutral pieces for these seasons.

The goal isn’t too wear white & cream the rest of my life. It’s focusing on simpler tones and palettes.

I really love this style & it doesn’t feel like a trend – it feels more classic. This is my take on how I began looking into the positives of building a more neutral focused wardrobe, I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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